Vice Chancelor, Khadija University Majia

Choosing a University that best suits the educational needs and aspirations of students is quite tasking. Starting this year, the University will provide the education that will equip students with the knowledge and skills to address both local and global challenges.

We shall start with 3 Faculties, 12 departments and 15 programmes in the Social and Management Sciences, Science and Computing and Basic Medical Sciences. Being one of the largest privately owned Universities in the North-West of Nigeria, adequate infrastructure has been provided for the general wellbeing of both staff and students. Our teaching and non-teaching staff are qualified and ready to provide quality services to students. The basic facilities available on the campus include Administrative building, Faculty buildings, Twin Theatres, Library and CIT Centre, Student Hostels, Staff Quarters, Guest House, a well-equipped in-patient and out-patient Health Centre, Laboratories, Student Centre, Sports and Shopping Complex. The University Auditorium is available for all major events. Other facilities include 2 Banks, Cafeteria and availability of buses to convey our students around the 11.8 kilometres of in-campus road network and out of campus engagements. The University has its own water and electricity supply. Internet connectivity and access will be available to staff and students. asd The processes of Admissions and Examinations will be fully automated. The University provides a safe and peaceful environment that is conducive to learning with the active support of students, faculty, administrative staff and the University authorities.

I am confident that Khadija University Majia will reach greater heights of excellence nationally and internationally in the near future and attract students from near and far.