About Kum


KHADIJA University, Majia is a Centre of Excellence. The need for the University stems from the desire for a tertiary institution that will add value to the immediate community with positive effect on the physical, educational, economic, political and social development of the community, the nation and the world at large.
The Jigawa axis is agrarian, with agriculture as the main industry.
Even nationally, the focus is currently on agriculture as the future hope of Nigeria. . In future, the proprietor’s emphasis shall be on the establishment of strong agriculture-based programmes in the University. Therefore, whatever it may cost in term of investments of physical and /or financial resources would be worth doing.
The Faculties and Units that shall be established by the University at its full maturity are:
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences;
Faculty of Social and Management Sciences;
Faculty of Education;
Faculty of Engineering and Technology;
Faculty of Environmental Sciences;
Faculty of Law;
Faculty of Medical Sciences;
Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences among others.
In addition, there will be General Studies Unit, Entrepreneurship Development Unit and the School of Postgraduate Studies. The Chairman and members of the Planning and Implementation Committee (PIC) acknowledge and appreciate the commitment, dedication and passion of the Proprietor towards ensuring the successful take-off of this project as well as the efforts of all stakeholders whose contributions made the assignment of the PIC possible. Members of the PIC are delighted to be a part of this project and wish the University successful outing among the league of Universities worldwide.
To be a centre of academic excellence.
To produce morally distinct and academically sound graduates who can compete globally.
In line with the values being propagated by the Proprietor, the KHADIJA University, Majia, Majia shall embark on excellent teaching and training, which shall be guided by distinct moral to be established in the hearts and minds of the graduates of the university to serve humanity in the best manner possible.