Founder & Chairman, Khadija University

It is for this reason that over history, the quest for knowledge has been given priority by mankind, with government, individuals and organizations continually paying attention to developing education systems aimed at enhancing the dynamism of society. KHADIJA University, Majia is the third University in Jigawa State and the first private higher institution in the State.

The University owned by the Khadija Foundation is a conventional university, which is open to all races irrespective of any barrier. KHADIJA University, Majia, is going to meet the education needs of many indigenous students who aspire for higher education.

It is also going to meet the education needs of many qualified secondary school products from Taura and other areas of the State and the neighbouring State. It is imperative to view the establishment of KHADIJA University, Majia as a reproduction of quality and standard education in Jigawa State and a means to extend the service of educating the Nigerian people.

The Proprietor is pleased to be among those playing significant role in the development of private university education in Nigeria, and is encouraged to provide a platform for the continuation of excellent teaching, research and community service as it is obtainable in developed countries of the world. Thus, the university affirms its commitment towards attaining global relevance in its academic and administrative services.

KHADIJA University, Majia shall introduce effective and value-added system of education that shall place it in the league of top universities in Nigeria producing world-class graduates. It will employ state-of-the- art facilities to provide solutions to the challenges of man through its research activities. It is our hope that the university shall be of immense benefit to mankind.

I would like to appreciate the timeless efforts and supports of the Chairman and Members of the Planning and Implementation Committee (PIC) and our Consultants for their hard work in getting us to this stage of the project. I am also grateful to the members of the Foundation as well as the numerous friends of the Foundation, relatives and well-wishers who have provided the Foundation with the benefit of their experience.

I would like to assure the National Universities Commission (NUC) the Foundation’s unwavering commitment to the success of this project. The Foundation is committed to ensuring that the KHADIJA University, Majia becomes a sustainable academic institution producing generations of Nigerians and non-Nigerians with integrity and professional competence comparable to anywhere else in the world.