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For a basic sample of lacking information, it is more challenging to develop a hot deck that preserves associations and conditions on the out there info. In the first pass, a simple technique is used to fill in starting values for all lacking items.

The IM method explicitly assumes a superpopulation mannequin for the merchandise to be imputed, termed the “imputation model”; inference is with respect to repeated sampling and this assumed information-producing model. The response mechanism is not specified except to imagine that information are missing at random . In the case of the random hot deck this means that the response chance is allowed to depend upon auxiliary variables that create the donor pools but not on the value of the lacking item itself. Chen & Shao extend the approach of Rancourt et al. to show that the connection between the imputed variable and the auxiliary information need not be linear for asymptotic unbiasedness to carry, with appropriate regularity situations.

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Section 5 discusses hot decks for imputing multivariate incomplete data with monotone and extra complicated “swiss cheese” patterns of missingness. Theoretical properties of hot deck estimates, corresponding to unbiasedness and consistency, are the main target of Section 6. Section 7 discusses variance estimation, including resampling strategies and multiple imputation. Section 8 illustrates totally different forms of the recent deck on information from the third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey , drawing comparisons between the strategies by simulation. Some concluding remarks and suggestions for future research are provided in Section 9.

Second and later passes define partitions primarily based on one of the best set of adjustment variables for every item to be re-imputed. Each variable is then imputed sequentially, and the process continues till convergence. The hot deck is usually utilized by different government statistics businesses and survey organizations to provide rectangular knowledge sets for customers. For example, the National Center for Education Statistics uses totally different forms of the hot deck and alternative imputation strategies even within a survey.

Out of twenty current surveys, eleven used a type of adjustment cell hot deck while the remaining 9 used a form of deterministic imputation (e.g. imply imputation), chilly deck imputation, or a Bayesian method for MI. Within the surveys that used the new deck, many used each random within class imputation and sequential imputation .


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There are several causes for the recognition of the new deck methodology among survey practitioners. As with all imputation methods, the result’s an oblong knowledge set that can be used by secondary knowledge analysts employing simple full-information methods. It avoids the difficulty of cross-user inconsistency that may occur when analysts use their very own lacking-information adjustments. Having said this, it is very important remember that the hot deck makes implicit assumptions by way of the choice of metric to match donors to recipients, and the variables included in this metric, so it is far from assumption free. Another enticing function of the recent deck is that solely believable values may be imputed, since values come from noticed responses in the donor pool.

Srivastava & Carter counsel drawing residuals from totally observed respondents, and so with the suitable regression model this becomes a hot deck process. Shao & Wang extend the tactic to permit flexible choice of distribution for the residuals and to incorporate survey weights. In the case of two gadgets being imputed, if both gadgets are to be imputed the residuals are drawn in order that they have correlation according to what’s estimated from instances with all objects noticed. If only one merchandise is imputed the residual is drawn conditional on the residual for the noticed merchandise. This differs from a marginal regression approach the place all residuals are drawn independently, and produces unbiased estimates of correlation coefficients in addition to marginal totals.


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Missing knowledge are sometimes a problem in large-scale surveys, arising when a sampled unit doesn’t reply to the whole survey (unit non-response) or to a particular question (item non-response). A frequent technique for handling merchandise non-response is imputation, whereby the lacking values are crammed in to create an entire knowledge set that may then be analyzed with traditional analysis methods. We consider here hot deck imputation, which entails changing lacking values with values from a “similar” responding unit.

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There could also be a gain in efficiency relative to complete-case evaluation, since info within the incomplete instances is being retained. There can hot or mot be a reduction in non-response bias, to the extent that there is an affiliation between the variables defining imputation classes and each the propensity to reply and the variable to be imputed.

Section 2 describes some functions of the hot deck in actual surveys, together with the original application to the Current Population Survey . Section 3 discusses strategies for locating “comparable” units and creating donor pools. Section 4 considers strategies for incorporating sampling weights, including weighted hot decks.

A slightly different method is the joint regression imputation method of Srivastava & Carter , which was extended to advanced survey information by Shao & Wang . Joint regression goals to preserve correlations by drawing correlated residuals.